Wanna be in one of my projects? It's all anonymous. 
Here are some submission-based things I'm currently working on:


In 4-6 sentences, describe the future you dream about for yourself, pausing between each sentence. You can use the recording widget to the right or by emailing an audio recording to

Please use present or future tense, for example:

  • "I'll be..."
  • "I'm living in..."
  • "My future is full of..."

And please don't say your name or the name of anyone else!



  • Press "start recording" and allow microphone access. Begin reading what you wrote into the microphone of your computer or mobile device.
  • Press "stop" when finished.
  • You can re-listen to your recording, or retry if you'd like.
  • You do not need to send your name or email.
  • Press send when finished.
  • This only allows 30 seconds of audio, so feel free to send multiple submissions!

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Imagining Other People is a project where strangers read the diaries of strangers. Learn more about it [here].

Write me something honest about your day and submit it - a stranger will read it out loud. [link]

Record yourself reading a submission written by a stranger using a built-in app. [link]